Mess Causes Stress

mess causes stressWhat is causing your stress? Is it the pile of dirty laundry in the corner, the stack of unpaid bills on your desk, the disarray of magazines on the coffee table or toys scattered all over the room?  Maybe it’s the garage you can’t find anything in and have been meaning to clean out for years. Mess causes stress – even if you think you are okay with the mess. Disorganization is a dark cloud over your head that reminds you that you have a problem every time you walk in your house. Getting organized is a simple way to reduce your stress and improve the quality of your life! Living amid clutter creates unnecessary chaos that keeps you from truly enjoying your life.

Disorganization also creates conflict within the home. If you live alone, every time you walk in your front door, you likely have an inner battle with yourself about finding time to tidy up your mess. If you share your living space, the likelihood of conflict increases substantially. Families fight about disorganization a lot, especially when someone can’t find something they need. In addition, chronic disarray steals time and energy because clutter represents delayed decisions and actions — it is a visual form of procrastination.

Procrastination can sap your energy because you know you need to get certain things done, and the time you waste thinking about it steals away time you could actually be doing those things, as well as other activities that are more enjoyable.