April 18, 2012

About Judy’s Hands


“Judy’s Hands,” an Innovative Organizational Service for Those Coping with Stress, Grief, & Life Transitions, Specializing in Home Organizing, Clearing, Packing, Moving, Donating, Staging.

Transition is difficult, and can be all encompassing. Challenges like dealing with health issues, getting divorced, taking care of aging parents, becoming widowed, or moving are overwhelming. The real key to successfully navigating through change is knowing when to ask for help. Stress is a symptom of feeling that your life is unmanageable. This kind of stress leads to physical and emotional ailments. In an in-home interview, we will together uncover the areas that need attention. Judy’s Hands relieves you from the burden. We provide a steadying, calming focus on determining what your specific needs are and know about the many resources that are available to you. A few examples may be:

You realize that your aging parent(s) can no longer manage their own home due to health and/or memory issues, but they desperately want to stay where they feel safe and secure. It’s the only home they know. Things have gotten out of hand and there are stacks of mail, paid bills, and clutter everywhere.

You need to organize your home for a move. The thought of sorting through all your clutter, clearing, and donating is daunting. Judy’s Hands handles everything from organizing rooms to your entire home. We pack for moving with a delicate hand, taking care of all your personal belongings. We clear and donate unwanted items and even arrange for a moving sale or the sale of certain items. We can organize and oversee your entire move. We can pack and set up your new home so that when you walk in, it already feels like home!




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