April 18, 2012

Home-Office-Life Organization

Judy’s Hands combines coaching in coping with stressful and overwhelming tasks with hands-on organizational skills to create a living or working environment that promotes healthy, calm, stress-free daily living.

Scenarios Where Judy’s Hands Proves Invaluable:

Scenario 1:

You or your elderly parent is inundated by paperwork, bills, photos, magazines and newspapers, mementos, files, unused clothing…and just cannot do anything about it. Things are slipping through the cracks, like bill-paying, missing appointments, or not keeping up with important emails from family/friends. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Judy’s Hands comes to the rescue. You walk into the home and breathe a sigh of relief–you can see the results! The table is cleared off of papers. The closets are organized and old magazines are gone. Even the garage is clean and in order. At your parents’ home they now have an easy system for staying on top of things and you feel relieved! You can relax a little and your parents feel safe. No more junk drawers, old electronics, or files from 10 years ago.

Scenario 2:

After tragically losing her husband, one client realized she needed time to cope and to grieve. She reached out and Judy’s Hands was able to help. Judy’s Hands sorted through all her husbands things, a task too painful on her own, and boxed things going to family, to charitable organizations, or to throw away. The home was reorganized and there was a sense of closure and serenity. Together hey found the appropriate support group, organized all the mail and bills piling up, and even found a fulfilling volunteer position for her to give her new purpose and hope. A daily calendar of activities and necessary projects gave her focus and purpose.

Scenario 3:

A family with high school and college aged kids is overwhelmed with everything they have kept over the years. It is time to reorganize the house but there is so much stuff! Judy’s Hands comes in and goes over every room in the house and the garage, making suggestions on what to keep and what to clear. A home clearing/garage sale is advertised and managed by Judy’s Hands to help declutter and make a few pennies in the process! What isn’t sold is boxed up for donations, recycling or disposal. The family is relieved and breathing easier.


Family Room – Before
Family Room – After
Kitchen – Before
Kitchen – After

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