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What Can Judy's Hands Do For You?


Organize your home or office. Sorting and de-cluttering. Coaching. Home staging for sale or rental. Shopping for needed items or furniture.

Moving Services

Packing your entire home or office for a move. Sorting items for recycling, donation or disposal. Arranging for pickups. Management of your move.

Moving & Estate Sales

Planning, advertising and managing your estate or garage sale. Connecting you with buyers for collectables or antiques. Organizing donation pickups or dropoffs.

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About Us

Everyone Can Use a Helping Hand

Transitions are a necessary part of life and can be overwhelming. Included in the top five major stressors in life are moving and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The real key to successfully navigating through transition, is knowing when to ask for help.

Judy’s Hands is a unique organizational service that focuses on organizing your home or office, de-cluttering, simplifying, sorting, donating unneeded items, planning – advertising - and managing estate/garage/moving sales, packing and overseeing your move, and even unpacking and organizing your new living or work space.

We save your valuable time and energy by facilitating all donations and disposing of unwanted items responsibly.

Founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Einbund, Judy’s Hands’ organizers are trained to help individuals and families get through stressful and overwhelming transitions by simplifying, organizing, and managing life’s challenges, with a nurturing hand, especially in the circumstance of loss.

In a complimentary in-home interview and assessment, a Judy’s Hands professional organizer will discuss with you the areas that require attention and all your specific needs.

  • Organizing your living or work space for maximum efficiency.

  • Packing your entire home or office for a move, arranging for donations.

  • Planning, advertising and managing your sales

Member in good standing

Judy’s Hands is Bonded, Insured and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)


The National Association of Professional Organizers
National Association of Professional Organizers

Better Business Bureau

Judy's Hands BBB Business Review


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