5 Health Benefits of Getting Organized

  1. Reduce Financial Stress – When you misplace bills, pay late fees, or have to replace important documents costs begin to add up. Disorganization causes financial stress, which in turn translates into relationship stress.
  2. Minimize Relationship/Marriage Conflicts – When there are constant arguments over lost items, missed appointments, cluttered living spaces, and forgotten errands your relationship bears the brunt of this. Feelings of guilt, blame, or resentment effect communication and even intimacy.
  3. Increase “Me Time” – Searching for your keys or your child’s homework, trying on multiple outfits before being ready, or running last minute errands all take away time from enjoyable activities. These wasted minutes add up and may mean you don’t get that cup of tea before it’s time to pick up the kids, or get to that yoga class you so desperately need.
  4. Reduce Housework – Studies have shown that removing clutter can reduce housework in the average home by 40%. All that clutter is collecting dust. A study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that ordinary house dust may contain decomposing insects, human skin, fecal matter from dust mites, and pollen.
  5. Feel empowered – By taking control of your living space you take control of your life. Creating an aesthetically pleasing environment you increase the serenity in your life and decrease the anxiety. An organized work space increases efficiency and represents success, not only to you, but to your clients or customers.